My EVS journey

Autor: externí <protein(at)>, Téma: 03/2015, Vydáno dne: 20. 10. 2015

Hello, I am Tamta Rurua from Georgia. I am a volunteer in Ústí nad Labem. I came in Czech Republic five months ago. I am working with YMCA.

My EVS journey started when I decided to apply for a project in Czech Republic. I took such a decision, I took an academic year in University and decide to leave everything that I had and getting ready to meet something very new. Even after five month of my EVS I can say that it was worth it.

Both of my sending and host organizations are YMCA. When I came to a new organization for me in Czech Republic I was a little afraid, because it’s always hard to expect something, you meet new people and have to communicate in a different language. After the very first day I could say that I was lucky, because I saw that the people who works in YMCA is very very helpful, kind and domestic. They give me great opportunities, new vision and perceptions.

I am working with children in Club Orion. Variety of my project is so useful. I am learning how to manage a lot of things. My organization gave me opportunity to write some projects, it is very important to me and my future. It motivates me to find a way and try as many chances as I have here.

In Orion I started realizing that people with different cultures and different ages can communicate and understand each other. We help to each other, this way I gained another perspective in life. I gained a better understanding towards other people. To me cultural differences are one of the most interesting; it’s a big opportunity to learn from people with different backgrounds, other kinds of perspectives. My organization gave me chance to be more energic and try to use my daily routine more useful. One day in a week I am a member of archery and climbing club. It is really a big motivation and energy. All my week is totally different and interesting. I really can say that this experience taught me many things but most of all it helped my self-development.

You got a dream, you gotta protect it never give up on your dreams!

Tamta Rurua, YMCA v Ústí nad Labem